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In accordance with encouraging spiritual and physical wellness, SHYNE would like to provide you with several resources to address those areas: 


“Health, wellness and overall happiness are my priorities”
-Porschia M. Epps

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I fell in love with fitness almost 3 decades ago. As a child, I’d spend a few times every week in my grandmother’s bedroom doing my Barbie workout and Taebo tapes. That was in addition to hours of jumping double dutch outside with my friends. I was never considered small or skinny but I didn’t realize the importance of taking control of my health until high school. I moved to central New Jersey for high school and quickly realized how much I had taken for granted all the walking and outdoor activities I was used to in New York. Working out and making fitness a lifestyle wasn’t something we discussed growing up. My family is from the South; we liked fried food, butter, biscuits and everything smothered and covered. Once I started high school, my struggles with food and body image reared their ugly heads and kept me from doing a lot of things I loved because of my insecurities. The good part is they also fueled my desire to learn more about making a change and living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

After years of trial and error, fad diets, hundreds of “As seen on TV” workout products and failed attempts at maintaining my weight, I finally learned that committing to my overall health was the key. Not only did I have to find a meal plan and workout plan that worked for me, I also had to work on the issues that got me in that position initially. I had to deal with my issues surrounding food, my own insecurity, generational health issues, my mental health and I had to give up the idea that I had to look like what I saw on TV to be fit. I had to stop the self-sabotage and making myself feel bad if I slipped up. I had to learn to embrace the beauty of my body…curves and all. I could still be curvy, toned and strong. Most importantly, I had to be happy.

Today, I’m dedicated to helping others become the best versions of themselves both inside and out. I’m a motivational speaker, personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, licensed Zumba®, MixxedFit®, Power Circuit and Aqua fitness instructor and the proud creator of my own fitness format, T2L™: Tone, Tighten & Lift. I specialize in weight loss, weight management, body sculpting and healthy body transformations. I also mentor other fitness professionals in their journey to grow in their careers and spread the message of health, wellness and balance. I just want everyone to look and feel amazing.

Kreative Vibrations

Owner, Makeda's favorite quote:

"The truth is that you already are what you are seeking".


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Makeda RM, HCEP is a herbalist, gifted intuitive reader, Reiki Master and 4th Gen Lightworker who is passionate about healing guidance, energy work, purpose and connecting others to their own power. Makeda was born as an empath derived from her innate clairsentience ability who utilizes this gift to spread positivity, spiritual rebirth for others, support of higher self and providing clarity with distinguishing experiences between human and spiritual. One of Makeda's life goals is to touch the spirits of those that she encounters and teach them how to tap into their very own creative conscious energy as a means to destiny. Her favorite quote is from Adyashanti, "The truth is that you already are what you are seeking".


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